At Gordon Education Centre;

- The school will continue to operate as normal throughout the fire season.

- On the days where it has been to be a CATASTROPHIC day all taxi’s that service students from outside of the city of Mount Gambier will not operate. Parents may choose to deliver their child to school, but that is their choice and also their responsibility to collect the child at the end of the day. All deliveries of students to and from the school must be signed in and out of the school by their PARENTS or registered carer ONLY.

- If the school is placed into lockdown due to fires in our region TEACHERS are ALL required to stay at school until the students leave to go home, as they have duty of care. SSO’s may leave at their normal finishing time. Any fire in this region has the potential to be big and the length of time required to stay could be quite prolonged.

All decisions in relation to this type of event WILL NOT be made at a school level. They will be handed down to us by SAPOL, CFS and or District Director.