Post School Options

Preparing for Post School Options

Students in years 10-12 at Gordon Education Centre are enrolled in Modified SACE subjects. The primary focus during these years is to prepare students for post school life and to increase their abilities in daily living independence, work skills, self-management, participation and social skills.

Students graduating from Gordon Education Centre currently have several post school options available to them. Conversations between educators and families during One Plan meetings need to begin when the students are in Year 10. Thinking about post school options early will help set realistic and achievable outcomes.

Transitioning from School

Transition from school to the wider community is an exciting time for our students and families, but it can also be a very daunting one. The idea of change and the unknown can be an anxious time for all.

Educators work closely with students and families to choose the best pathways to assist in the transition to life after school.

There are 4 main post school options:

1. Open Employment

2. Supported Employment

3. TAFE/Further Education

4. Day Options Programmes

School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES)

SLES funding is an early intervention approach for year 12 school leavers with significant disability to support their transition from school to employment. These supports are designed to build the students capacity to meet the access criteria and transition to a Disability Employment Support (DES).

SLES builds a pathway to economic participation through assisting to participate in work experience or developing life skills to support transition to work.

DES supports persons with a disability to get ready to look for a job, find a job and keep a job. DES also has a program called the DES ESL (Eligible School Leaver) which is available to year 12 students. The DES pathway could include resume development, job plans, job Search, onsite support, post placement support and ongoing support to maintain a job.

Please contact the school for more information.